DeithHubGames, also known as DeithHub2 or DHG, was meant to be a branch-channel of DeithHub before it was cancelled on July 14, 2018. It is a channel that revolves around games; video games, card games and board games. It was revealed on April 2nd, 2018 on the official DeithHub instagram page and was supposed to open by Autumn 2018.

History Edit

2017 Edit

  • Lindsey and Michael discuss making a gaming-themed YouTube channel

Winter 2018 Edit

  • Michael announces DeithHubGames
  • The core members of DeithHubGames are revealed to be Michael, Lindsey and Tyrrell
  • Michael confirms Flynn may become a core member
  • Profile picture revealed

Spring 2018 Edit

  • Four main series revealled (GameTime, BTV, Pros and Cons and Lucky Bag)
  • DeithHubGames tab on DeithHub website added
  • Profile picture and banner were updated
  • GameTime Deluxe revealled

Summer 2018 Edit

  • DeithHubGames officially cancelled.

Series Edit

Upcoming Edit

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