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The DeithHub logo in white

DeithHub is a webgroup who specialise in a multitude of genres.

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DeithHub Edit

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  • theclaridge03
  • Critema

 History Edit

2011-2017 Edit

2011-2014 Edit

  • Adam introduces Michael to YouTube
  • Adam and Michael start Do You Like My Hat?
    • Michael makes YouTube debut
  • Michael begins development on his own channel
  • Michael and Adam abandon Do You Like My Hat?
  • Michael discovers Smosh Games and TWD98
  • Michael experiments with new ideas for a YouTube channel
  • Michael meets Tyrrell, Flynn, Owen and Mason for the first time.

2015-2017 Edit

  • Michael opens his own YouTube channel, theclaridge03. (Then called MikeOwnzGames)
  • Nina and Michael meet for the first time.
  • Michael releases Deith
    • Tyrrell, Nina, Mason, Flynn and Owen make YouTube debuts
  • Michael cancels Deith after 5 months
  • Nathan and Michael meet for the first time
  • Lindsey discusses starting a gaming YouTube channel with Michael

2018 Edit

Early 2018 Edit

March Edit
  • DeithHub founded
  • DeithHub accounts coined
    • DeithHub YouTube account
    • DeithHub Twitter account
    • DeithHub Instagram account
  • Tyrrell and Nina join DeithHub
  • DeithHub 2nd Channel confirmed
April Edit
  • DeithHub2 confirmed to be DeithHubGames.
  • DeithHubGames revealed
    • GameTime, BTS, Pros and Cons and Lucky Bag revealed
  • DeithHub videos are planned
  • r/DeithHub opened
  • The DeithHub website launches
  • The DeithHub network discontinues

Mid 2018 Edit

July Edit
  • DeithHub returns, DeithHubGames officially dies
  • DeithHub rebranded

BTS Information Edit

Marketing Edit

  • The font used in the DeithHub logo is called 'Vantom'
  • The font used for names / scores is called 'Molot'
  • Font used in thumbnails is 'DINPro-Bold'
  • The software used to make the DeithHub logo, thumbnails, banners, profile pictures etc is ''

Content Edit

  • Editing software is WMM (done by people who know it inside out)
  • DeithHub is based on Team Edge, Sidemen and other similar channels.

Equipment Edit

  • Video is recorded on a Nikon B500 (phone if perspective based e.g. hide and seek video)
  • Tripod is a manfrotto